Seymour, CT-Grand Light has completed the restoration of the historic lighting fixtures of Sagamore Hill, home to the late President Theodore Roosevelt. The impending site of Sagamore Hill was purchased by Roosevelt in his early twenties after vacationing in the picturesque Oyster Bay, Long Island as a child. Roosevelt took up full residency in the house in 1887 after its completion based on Anne style sketches by New York City architects Lamb and Ric. During Roosevelt's time in office, his "Summer White House" was the focus of international attention. The most significant events took place at Sagamore Hill during the seven summers it served as Theodore Roosevelt's Summer White House, from 1902 until 1908. During that time, Roosevelt used his home to host luminaries from around the country and around the world.

There are several different types of fixtures including pendants, wall sconces, ceiling mounted fixtures and chandeliers. There is a total of 56 of the original fixtures that will be restored by the Grand Light artisans. Restoration consisted of the repair or replacement of any parts that were missing, broken, or damaged, and the custom fabrication of 24 custom escutcheons in order to make the once gas fixtures code compliant to today's electrical standards, replacement of all electrical components and wiring and tested in accordance with UL standards, as well as different levels of finish work on each type of fixture pertaining to conservation of existing, extensive cleaning, and complete refinishing of the fixtures surface in some cases.
Grand Light has completed the restoration and the re-installation of  this massive aging chandelier for the Clyde-Savannah School district. This massive chandelier hangs in the school's auditorium and is 10' tall x 8' wide, and is estimated to weigh over 1,200 pounds. This 88 year old cats brass chandelier will be cleaned and rewired and will receive an application of a protective wax in order to revive the original luster. In addition to cleaning, re-wiring, and waxing the chandelier, it was noticed that the chandelier was suffering from major mechanical defects in the frame, causing the upper ring on the chandelier to have 1" of sag. Grand Light had designed and fabricated custom structural braces, eliminating all current and future sag in this fixture.
Seymour, CT - Yale University Lanman Wright Hall, Widely referred to as LDub, houses Pierson and Berkeley freshmen. LDub is notable for having some of the smallest rooms at Yale, with most bedrooms being doubles with bunk beds and common rooms being relatively small. Despite these, LDub affords residents a notably communal atmosphere. Students spend less time in their respective rooms. The courtyard is also well used. LDub entryways are all linked by LDub Courtyard, which is the most popular semi-enclosed place on Old Campus. It is elevated, with benches and trees, and is conveniently located beside Old Campus's Elm Street entrance, and nearby its High Street one. Because of this, it is often used as a social hub or meet-up point for freshmen.
Seymour, CT - Internal Revenue Service Headquarters stands as one of the earliest U.S. Government buildings of monumental scope located in Washington, DC erected from 1928 to 1936. This majestic French Renaissance-style structure designed by Louis A. Simon, was established in order to consolidate all IRS functions to single location. Being the most elaborate facility located within the Federal Triangle complex, The IRS Building represented the largest public building project to that point in American history.

Seymour, CT - Grand Light has completed restoration work for the original chandeliers and wall sconces that are on the second floor of the Sanborn Library at Dartmouth College in Hanover New Hampshire. All of these historic chandeliers and wall sconces are made of wood and are covered with ornate resin filigrees. Over the years, many of theses ornate pieces had become damaged or missing.  Grand Light Artisans had to replicate several of the missing decorative resin components and was done by creating silicon molds for each and every damaged or missing component. Each chandelier and wall sconce underwent an extensive process of color matching the original finish, including gold leaf highlights and an application of museum grade waxes, thereby restoring these fixtures to their original luster.

Presented to the university by Paul Mellon (Yale College Class of 1929), the Yale Center for British Art houses the largest and most comprehensive collection of British art outside the United Kingdom. The collections reflect the development of British art, life, and thought from the Elizabethan period onward.

The Yale Center for British Art was designed by the internationally acclaimed American architect Louis I. Kahn. Located across the street from his first major commission, the Yale University Art Gallery (1953). In 2005 the Center received the prestigious Twenty-five Year Award of the American Institute of Architects.

Grand Light was selected to create exact replications of the existing historic pendant light fixtures. The custom pendant is a spun, tapered aluminum shade with a clear satin etched anodized finish. Each component was custom fabricated insuring the complete historical accuracy.

Completed in 1929, Dartmouth's Sanborn Library houses the school's English department, hosts afternoon tea for students and faculty, as well as a campus study location. The Sanborn House Library features ornate woodwork, plush leather chairs and books lining the walls from floor to ceiling. It is named for Professor Edwin Sanborn, who taught for almost 50 years in the Department of English.

Grand Light was selected to restore the original chandeliers and wall sconces located on the second floor of the library. The fixtures are made of wood and are covered with ornate resin filigrees. Many of the original filigree details are broken and missing. Grand Light artisans will create silicon molds for the replication of each and every damaged or missing component.

Each chandelier will undergo an extensive process of color matching the original finish, including gold leaf highlights and an application of museum grade waxes, thereby restoring these fixtures to their original luster.

The Clyde-Savannah Central School district is located midway between Rochester and Syracuse, NY.

Grand Light has been selected for the restoration of an aging chandelier at the Clyde-Savannah School in Clyde, NY. Located in the school's auditorium, the 10' diameter x 8' high, 1,200 pound cast brass chandelier will be carefully disassembled by Grand Light artisans on site and transported back to Grand Light's Seymour, CT restoration facility. The 88 year old chandelier is getting a thorough restoration involving cleaning, application of museum grade wax on all finishes, new electrical components, UL testing, and structural improvements.

The fixture contains a 3 circuit system which uses 16 lights per tier for a total of 48 sockets.

New Haven Courthouse Restoration Complete

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The New Haven County Courthouse is located in the Downtown of New Haven, Connecticut. It has been a prominent and stately presence on the New Haven Green since its opening in 1914.The New Haven County Courthouse at the corner of Elm and Church Streets, was one of a handful of buildings commissioned by New Haven County to bolster its City Beautiful movement. Modeled after St. George's Hall in Liverpool, England, the courthouse was designed by New Haven architects William Allen and Richard Williams. The building's design infused Beaux-Arts principles in a Neo-classical style. Construction began in 1909 and five years later, at a cost of $1.3 million, the structure was completed. It officially opened its doors on March 24, 1914. Statuary in front of the Courthouse by noted sculptor J. Massey Rhind and murals and lunettes inside by famed early 20th Century painter T. Thomas Gilbert help give the imposing building its aesthetic appeal. Today it serves as the Geographical Area #23 Courthouse. The building added to the National Register of Historic Places on May 16, 2003
New Haven, CT - In the mid-1920s, Harvard constructed student residences on the banks of the recently dammed Charles River, residences initially occupied by freshmen. McKinlock Hall, built in 1925, was one of those original buildings. The building was donated by the family of Lieut. George Alexander McKinlock Jr., a Harvard graduate who was killed by a German machine gun near Soissons in 1918. The bulk of McKinlock Hall consists of 5 entryways, each of which leads to four or five floors of suites for approximately 35 students. McKinlock also serves as the center of Leverett social life: it houses the Leverett Dining Hall, the Junior and Senior Common Rooms, the Old Library Theatre, the Master's Residence, and several other common spaces.

Grand Light was selected to restore the historic fixtures in the hall located on the the Harvard University Campus in Cambridge, MA. There are several different types of fixtures ranging from chandeliers, wall sconces, ceiling mounted fixtures, pendant lights, and outdoor lanterns. These fixtures will undergo several different restoration techniques ranging from cleaning and conservation of the existing finishes, to complete refinishing. All fixtures will be wired in accordance with UL standards.

New Haven, CT - Grand Light has completed restoration of the seventeen historic light fixtures from Cornell University's Sigma Phi Fraternity. Using a variety of techniques and treatments, the fixtures were restored to their original glory and updated to current UL Specifications.
New Haven, CT - Grand Light has been contracted by Sigma Phi Fraternity at Cornell University to restore several antique light fixtures from the fraternities dormitory. There are seventeen fixtures in total, ranging in material from copper, brass, steel, and even pewter, each requiring specialized techniques to restore them to their full glory.
New Haven, CT - Grand Light successfully designed and tested a custom QL induction lighting system retrofit kit for 232 historic luminaires at the St Joseph's Cathedral in Hartford, CT.

Custom Crystal Chandelier

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New Haven, CT - Grand Light has been contracted to design and manufacture a custom  chandelier inspired by a European design, consisting of E12 base bulbs, crystal, and several differing length metal arms secured to a central metal sphere.

Custom Fish Shaped Crystal Chandelier

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New Haven, CT - Grand Light has been selected by a client to produce a custom crystal light fixture in the shape of a fish, with 30% lead cut crystals crystals. The weight and size of the fixture was a prime concern, requiring additional ceiling support and planning for the structure.
New Haven, CT - Fabrication on the final lighting fixture for the Magala Cove library has been completed.

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